Sunday, November 20, 2005

My First Car

1967 Mustang - 289 auto

Yes, my first car is one I should have kept. I only had it several months, then thought I needed a Vette. I should have stayed with the Stang, it would have been much less $ and time spent restoring. In about 1980 it only cost $200 and was running fine. I didn't know what a steal I had. [kick self, kick self] To bad I never took a picture of it. It was red, jacked up in the rear with wide mags, really *cool*.

The 1969 427 Vette, that's another story ... for later.

FIA World Rally 2005

Watching some great coverage of WRC racing. This is real world racing!!!

Costa Brava, Spain & Perth, Australia.

Catch it only on the SPEED channel