Saturday, December 31, 2005

Motorsport Rally Links

This is a good place to start looking regarding WRC info:

If you have some links you like, please post me a comment here.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Vettes and Vipers

How does the Dodge Viper compare to the Chevy Vette?

The C6 generation of Corvettes came out in 2006, boasting 505 hp from a 427 cid aluminum small block and having stripped the weight down to 3132 lbs this shark will sail. This year the SCCA mid-Ohio T1 event had all but 4 cars being Vettes, and a Vette placed #1. The very same Vette that has won it 4 years in a row, and lead all the laps for the last four years. They did have 3 Vipers there, and one did came in 2nd. The Dodge Viper - Now I'm a Vette man, having had a 1969 427 and having my finger on the pulse of Corvette history, but I really love the Viper. It's such a TRUE muscle car, and with a technology edge. Did I forget to mention that the Vipers had to run 40% restricted? So that's how you make them compete with a Vette! Anywho, the Viper touts 510 hp from its V-10 weighing in slightly more than the C6 Vette, around 3300 lbs.

Or perhaps an Ferrari F40 is more your speed?!?

Sunday, November 20, 2005

My First Car

1967 Mustang - 289 auto

Yes, my first car is one I should have kept. I only had it several months, then thought I needed a Vette. I should have stayed with the Stang, it would have been much less $ and time spent restoring. In about 1980 it only cost $200 and was running fine. I didn't know what a steal I had. [kick self, kick self] To bad I never took a picture of it. It was red, jacked up in the rear with wide mags, really *cool*.

The 1969 427 Vette, that's another story ... for later.

FIA World Rally 2005

Watching some great coverage of WRC racing. This is real world racing!!!

Costa Brava, Spain & Perth, Australia.

Catch it only on the SPEED channel