Tuesday, April 11, 2006

So you see, I’ve been ...

Busy with other things… or was it that my satellite service died on 1 April? I think both! That did mess things up with me keeping up on the Formula One Grand Prix as I wanted to, and thus keep you all informed on the events thereof. It was just over three hours before the start of the Australian GP in Melbourne, and boom, satellite be gone :-( , that sort of hinders my coverage doesn't it?

I would be good to know what interests YOU regarding Motorsport, as there are many angles you can approach it from. You see Drifting is catching on in the states in recent years, though it’s been around about 20 years. But then again, most people in the U.S. don’t know anything beyond NASCAR and INDY, *what’s WRC ?!?*. Unless you’re really into Motorsport and pursue it, there’s a whole universe that’s unknown to you.

I’m not knocking NASCAR, I think NASCAR has been the greatest thing to help the advancement of other Motorsports, in the areas of interest and media coverage. NASCAR coverage has raised the standard for Motorsports coverage, though I’ve seen higher technology coverage used in WRC, NASCAR has raised a form of Motorsport (even if it is roundy-round) to where the common folk actually enjoy watching it. Now if you could just get the NASCAR coverage that Canada has into the States, it would be much better for the fans. Odd isn't it, that Canada gets better coverage than the country that hosts NASCAR. With constant in-car cameras on separate channels…, while there still isn’t a NASCAR race in Canada. What’s up with that?!?

So if you’re not up on the multifaceted world of Motorsport, and you’re finding your way in, you’ll find a lot of changes taking place. Major F1 rules changes this year. There’s been a lot of deaths in Motorsport this year, I plan to have future articles on these and many more recent changes.

Stay tuned, tell your friends, tell me what you like, keep your eyes on the road, and your hands on the wheel.
Keep the Faith! Cheers. -Liam

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